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This blend is to be used when you are having an outbreak.


DIRECTIONS: Apply 1-2 drops to affected area up to 10 times daily. Can be used once every 30 minutes for the first 8 hours after onset. We recommend carrying this oil with you, as it is important to apply at The first sign of an outbreak. Rotate with LipX Daily if your skin becomes uncomfortable and is tight and dry. DISCONTINUE USE IF IRRITATION OCCURS.

FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS: LipX Outbreak needs to be applied the moment a stressor occurs. This is often before you feel any physical symptoms. For example: if certain foods or certain situations often result in a cold sore, apply LipX Outbreak immediately to the area of recurrence and use it until you are clear of that stressor. (See backside about identifying stressors.)

GENERAL NOTE: Applying essential oils to the skin can cause a tingling sensation. It can be mistaken for a burning sensation. Although certain essential oils can burn the skin, the essential oils in these blends are gentle and will not burn. If at any point it feels too uncomfortable, discontinue use.

DRYNESS: As mentioned above, some people may experience dryness with the LipX Outbreak. If this happens, rotate it with the LipX Daily during an outbreak. The sesame oil in the LipX Daily will help moisten the skin. If rotating doesn’t help then only use the LipX Daily. DISCONTINUE IF AN IRRITATION OCCURS.

This blend is to be applied when you are NOT experiencing an outbreak. Overtime, outbreaks should occur with less frequency as your body’s immune system is strengthened. *A commitment to using this blend for several months is suggested to achieve best results.

DIRECTIONS: Open bottle and tap onto index finger. Comes out in small amounts. Apply directly on area(s) of recurrence 2 times each day. Use this oil daily until you see a reduction in the number of outbreaks. DISCONTINUE USE IF IRRITATION OCCURS.

Consider these tips:

Use every day. As mentioned above, LipX Outbreak is to be applied during an outbreak multiple times a day; LipX Daily is to be applied when you are NOT having an outbreak on the area(s) of recurrence twice a day. You will use the LipX Daily Blend most often. We suggest applying it twice a day after you brush your teeth.

Identifying Stressors—

Do you know what prompts your outbreaks? The longer you’ve had them the more likely you'll know what causes them. Common stressors include certain foods, certain people and certain situations. If you don’t know your stressors, take time to discover what they are.


While you will get immediate relief using LipX on your current coldsore, the long term effects of reducing the frequency of outbreaks could take several months. As they say: patience is a virtue!

About our Essential Oils

Our essential oils come from small farms and co-ops only. They are pesticide and chemical free. LipX Outbreak contains tea tree, hyssop decumbens, melissa, palmrosa, lavandin, eucalyptus. LipX Daily contains tea tree, hyssop decumbens, melissa, palmrosa, lavandin, eucalyptus in a base of sesame oil.