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Clinical tests indicate that essential oils are effective against the herpes virus and they don't have harmful side effects.


The essential oils* in both LipX Outbreak and LipX Daily are highly antiviral. When applied to the sore, the oils immediately absorb into the blood stream and circulate throughout the body. Overtime, they interact with the herpes virus to suppress the symptoms and recondition it. Consistency of application is necessary especially for people with frequent outbreaks. Initially outbreaks could come regularly, but over time you will experience reduced symptoms. For some, cold sore cease to express; for others, they will occur with less frequency and reduced symptoms.

About our Essential Oils

Our essential oils come from small farms and coops only. They are pesticide and chemical free. LipX Outbreak contains tea tree, hyssop decumbens, melissa, palmrosa, lavandin, eucalyptus. LipX Daily contains tea tree, hyssop decumbens, melissa, palmrosa, lavandin, eucalyptus in a base of sesame oil.