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Stop Suffering From Cold Sores!

LipX Survival is an effective essential oil treatment for people experiencing regular outbreaks. LipX Outbreak 

gives immediate relief to current cold sores and LipX Daily reduces future outbreaks.


Buy them separately or

together in our LipX Survival Kit.

Our Products

Therapeutic blend of organic essential oils

formulated to control frequent cold sore outbreaks.

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Don't let cold sores get the best of you!

LipX Survival Kit contains both the Daily and Outbreak Formulas. Great for people who experience reoccurring outbreaks.

We take care of your lips and have a
thing for your nose too!
Sinus Products

We've been around for over 20 years and our commitment to sustainable, effective and natural remedies remains unwavering. Got sinus issues? Check out our sister site!



About Baraka

At Baraka, we create active dialogues with our customers and really listen to what they say. Since 1996, our focus on holistic wellness products include our cold sore remedies and sinus products.  We are open to feedback and love interacting with our customers- so please don’t hesitate to write us with any questions.